Battery Recycling

Veolia's Recycling Solution for Lithium-ion Batteries

Why Battery Recycling?

Lithium-ion batteries are a key component of new mobilities and energy transition as a whole. A sustainable management of their end of life is therefore a major challenge for the battery industry today.

Since 2006, european regulations require batteries to be recycled. However, this is a complex endeavor, necessitating expert know-how and the application of stringent safety standards. Battery recycling allows valuable raw materials to be recovered and used to manufacture new products.

We have over 75 specialised locations in Europe with the expertise to provide services for the transport of your used batteries to our recycling plant


Choosing Veolia


SARPI Veolia, a dedicated unit, is leader in hazardous waste treatment (Certified ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OSHAS 18001, ISO 50001...)

Twenty years of experience in battery recycling

An extensive recycling network


A recognized leader in circular economy solutions

We place a key emphasis on quality and safety


We value close and trusting collaboration with our customers

We are constantly innovating in the area of materials recycling

Our Solution


As a company with extensive experience in closing material loops, our aim is to offer an optimised recycling solution for the recovery of the valuable raw materials contained in used lithium-ion batteries. We seek to recover as the highest possible share of raw materials while applying rigorous quality and safety standards throughout the recycling process.

   By offering our battery recycling service, we not only help our customers to meet regulatory requirements, but also close material loops, thus contributing to the broader goal of a circular economy

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