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We are your specialist when it comes to bottle-to-bottle recycling, a process that is not only environmentally friendly but also one of the most effective in the world. Find out more about our recycling method or get in touch with us. We will be happy to assist you!

Veolia PET Germany GmbH

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Patented Recycling Process
Veolia PET Germany GmbH has developed a winning patented URRC recycling process that surpasses technical and ecological standards. Used PET bottles are processed in multiple stages into food-grade recyclate.

Sustainability and Environmental Awareness
At Veolia, we make sustainability and environmental awareness our top priority. That is why we continuously search for new ideas and ways to further reduce raw material consumption and to minimise the greenhouse effect. Our goal is to provide generations to come with an environmentally friendly future.

Food-grade Quality
When recycling PET plastic, the purity of the material is key. That is why only material which passes strict food-grade criteria is approved for reuse in the production of beverage bottles.