As a brand owner or packaging manufacturer, you want to opt for sustainable, even recyclable packaging. But how can you make sure that your packaging really is recyclable? What combination of packaging materials should you use, or avoid? With the circpack® solution, we use our knowledge and expertise in the collection, sorting and recycling industries to help you make your packaging recyclable and truly eco-friendly. 



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The services of circpack®

Tests & Advice: test, understand and improve the recyclability of your packaging

Let's design a new form of sustainable packaging together

Are you developing new packaging? Do you need concrete solutions to ensure its recyclability? We guide you towards the total recyclability of your packaging, whether it is plastic bottles, jars, pouches, plastic film, cartons, any other.

Every type of packaging is different, which is why we carry out targeted analysis depending on your needs and offer specialised advice. This work can be done in various ways, for example through:

  • tests in our sorting facilities to identify the destination of the packaging at end-of-life;
  • laboratory research to test new materials combination;
  • analysing our "BigData" database to determine how existing packaging is sorted;  
  • desk research to answer specific questions;
  • consultation with our international network of experts.

We provide you with an analysis of your packaging, whether the packaging already exists or still needs to be created. You receive specific advice on how to improve your packaging to increase its recyclability. As each country has specific requirements when it comes to collection, sorting and recycling, we also help you understand the local market.



Certification of recyclability: show that your packaging can be recycled

CIRCPACK Ready to certify

Is your packaging recyclable? Prove it with a certification! circpack® can assess the recyclability of your packaging.

  • For plastic packaging we are an accredited certifying body of RecyClass.
  • For other materials, we have defined a proprietary certification methodology, called READY TO CERTIFY.

After providing us with samples and some input on the materials used, we will start the assessment.

Depending on the packaging, we will run a sorting test in a representative operational sorting facility.

Combined with the detailed knowledge on materials, we are able to make an accurate assessment on the recyclability. In combination with our knowledge on the local infrastructure, we can not only make general assessments, but also country specific assessments.



Design Guidelines: eco-design recommendations to optimise the recyclability of packaging

To make a packaging easy to recycle, you need to take several parameters into account, including the type of material, the shape of your packaging and recycling techniques. We have listed the key recommendations for recycling in our design for recycling guidelines, provided to you free of charge.

With this guide, you will be able to analyse the recyclability of your packaging and learn more about three types of materials:

  • Recyclable materials: materials that can be completely recycled;
  • Non-recyclable materials: materials that cannot be recycled but do not disrupt the packaging recycling process;
  • Conflicting materials: materials that cannot be recycled and hinder the recycling of other recyclable materials.


Masterclass Recycling: online-training to discover the world of recycling and circular packaging

Would you like to know more about the sorting and recycling of materials, about emerging technologies and how they’ll influence your choices when it comes to recyclable packaging design? Come and take part in one of our masterclasses on household packaging recycling, hosted by our experts.

These masterclasses are open to any company or actor concerned by the topic of packaging recycling. During five sessions, you’ll learn what happens to packaging waste and how it’s sorted and recycled. We’ll reveal the techniques and machinery used in the disposal and sorting process, and the guidelines to follow when eco-designing recyclable packaging.



Recycling Reports: in-depth studies on strategic topics related to recycling of packaging

Each country has specific requirements in terms of circular economy: the recycling system varies significantly from one country to another. It’s therefore important to understand what’s happening at a local level. What is collected there? Is there a deposit-return system? What materials are sorted and really recycled? We have conducted a series of reports explaining how packaging are recycled across the world:

  • Country Reports
  • The 2nd life of metal packaging
  • And many more: Flexible plastics (PE & PP); Glass recycling; The recyclability of coffee capsules; ...

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Our References

CIRCPACK awards the first recyclable packaging certificate to REN Skincare

REN Skincare, a subsidiary of Unilever, has received the first circpack® certificate for the recyclable packaging of its product “Clean screen, Face Sunscreen 50ml”. Our certification methodology determined that 99.78% of materials used in the packaging were recyclable. A very high score. This packaging is almost entirely recyclable because the tube and cap are made of the same material: polypropylene. This type of plastic is collected, sorted and recycled in many countries.

circpack® is proud to collaborate with Albéa since 2019

Albéa is a packaging manufacturer of cosmetic and beauty solutions that you may use every day – tubes, lipstick, mascara, applicators and much more. We are very proud to be assisting them in their quest for recyclable packaging since 2019. The results of our sorting tests, dedicated packaging advice and recyclability assessments helped the group to substantiate their recyclability claims. Our recent analysis on one of their latest innovations, the Greenleaf tube, resulted in a certification as recyclable conform to the RecyClass methodology (Class C).

Stand out from the crowd: Use the RecyClass logo!

How do you prove the recyclability of your packaging to consumers? Printing the RecyClass logo is a simple solution! The RecyClass logo explains how well you are doing and distinguishes you from the competition. It is a clear statement to your consumers AND a great way to celebrate your design achievements.

Image: RecyClass logo on this recyclable Mozzarella packaging.
© Courtesy of the Di Mauro Group.

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