Heinsberg-Oberbruch Industrial Park

At the Heinsberg-Oberbruch Industrial Park, resident companies benefit from excellent site and infrastructure conditions, including customized energy, water, disposal, and facility services.
Industriepark Düren-Niederau

Veolia understands the needs of large, energy-intensive companies. Reliable energy and material flows are essential for their success. At the Heinsberg-Oberbruch Industrial Park, Veolia is committed to providing companies with the services and infrastructure they need to flourish. We're at your side to ensure an efficient and well-organized launch to your operations.

Veolia Industriepark Heinsberg-Oberbruch
Boos-Fremery-Straße 62
52525 Heinsberg

Approach via gate 3a, Vitsstraße 1

Tel.: +49 (0) 2452 9883-0
Fax: +49 (0) 2452 9883-399

Excellent infrastructure and site services for your manufacturing operations

Approx. 80 hectares of developed commercial real estate and approx. 20 hectares of greenfield space 

Close proximity to excellent transport links and major urban areas

Utility and site services


  • Steam supply at various pressure levels (up to 20 bar) 
  • Very high availability 
  • Provision of other energy types: Compressed air, cooling water, chilled water 
  • Local heating grid based on industrial waste heat


  • Groundwater extraction for process water needs
  • Operation of 20 shallow wells and 4 deep wells 
  • Supply of fully desalinated water  
  • Drinking water from on-site purification facilities (e.g. for companies in the food industry)
  • Cooling water 

Wastewater treatment 

  • Purification of industrial wastewater in various sectors
  • Biological wastewater treatment plant with sludge treatment 
  • Sewer system for the discharge of wastewater and rainwater 
  • Wastewater treatment capacity for 80–100k population; only partially used
Industriepark Heinsberg


  • On-site operation of power distribution grid (general power supply) 
  • On-site operation of natural gas distribution grid (closed local grid) 
  • Customers have the option of purchasing electricity from Veolia Industriepark Deutschland GmbH or third-party suppliers

Site services 

  • Facility management 
  • Winter services 
  • Plant security, access control


Companies at the industrial park 

The Heinsberg-Oberbruch Industrial Park is home to numerous prestigious multinational companies. Many of our resident companies are active in plastics and advanced materials or in food processing and production.

  Teijin Carbon Europe GmbH

   Europe’s largest producer of carbon fiber 


   Producer of coloring foodstuffs and bioactive substances from renewable materials 

  E&K Leiterplatten

   Producer of circuit boards 

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials GmbH

 Producer of high-quality thermoplastic materials as semi-finished or finished parts 

 Rieter Automatic Winder

 World-leading supplier of systems for short-staple fiber spinning 

Companies from other sectors are also located at the park, and benefit from the local infrastructure.


   Alliander - Electricity, gas grid operator



   AQUS - Trainee workshop 



   Bilfinger Engineering & Maintenance GmbH - Industrial services, workshops 


   BKK Euregio - BKK EUREGIO is a private health insurer dedicated to serving price-conscious customers who also demand high quality. BKK EUREGIO insurance plans are perfect for individuals who place a strong emphasis on service quality and on excellent benefits.


   Deinwerk gGmbH - Workshop for the mentally handicapped 


   lekker - Electricity, gas energy sales



   MTE Haustechnik GmbH - Construction and renovation services


NSI Mobile Water Solutions Germany GmbH - Supplier of mobile water treatment systems 


   Otto Gourmet - Provider of sustainably sourced meat – you a difference you can taste.



PN Power Plants AG -  Planning and development of energy projects – worldwide 


   QUIP - Production, technology, personnel



   ViaNobis - Die Chancengeber - PROFILE workshop


Teijin Carbon Europe GmbH

Jörg Friedrich, CEO

The park's infrastructure made it an ideal choice for our operations. Veolia reliably provides us with process water and professionally treats our wastewater. In addition, Veolia is our partner for the resource efficient utilization of industrial waste heat.



GNT Deutschland GmbH

Veolia provides us with a customized portfolio of services, including steam, water, and electricity supply as well as production-related wastewater treatment – all with a very high degree of reliability.


Gebrüder Otto Gourmet GmbH

Wolfgang Otto

We're here because of the site’s historic ambiance, which provides fresh impetus for creative ideas.


BKK Euregio

We appreciate the bespoken site services, which are customized to our specific needs.


Site options

Available areas

  • Approx. 4 hectares within the core area of historic industry site, redeveloped, with industrial area zoning (GI) 
  • Approx. 3.5 hectares in expansion areas (greenfield) with commercial and industrial zoning (GI and GE) 
  • Approx. 8 hectares within the core area are owned by third parties and can be allocated to new uses (brownfield) 
  • Lease options in existing buildings available upon request 


Available real estate and site services for your business

Extending over 100 hectares, the Heinsberg-Oberbruch Industrial Park offers ideal conditions for your commercial activities. 

In the core area of the industrial park, you can take advantage of comprehensively refurbished historical real estate available for lease at favorable conditions. Industrial companies with water- and wastewater-intensive processes will find ideal production conditions due to the park’s groundwater rights and on-site wastewater treatment plant. 

You can also take advantage of a range of energy services, which can be customized to your needs (including electricity, natural gas, heat, and steam supply). The symbiosis between industrial activities at the park creates mutually beneficial energy flows, generating added value for all participants. 

A global leader in resource efficiency, Veolia has extensive technical expertise and experience as an industrial park operator and infrastructure service provider, enabling it to realize innovative solutions with synergistic benefits.

Cooperation with the city of Heinsberg 

The marketing of the vacant real estate is being carried out in close cooperation with the city of Heinsberg. You will benefit from excellent lines of communication to local to authorities and institutions, to the state government of North Rhine-Westphalia, and to important research institutions. Regionally as well as supra-regionally we have an excellent network of contacts, ensuring your business activities can get off the ground quickly and unbureaucratically.