United Heat

A project for Görlitz (DE) & Zgorzelec (PL)

Climate protection knows no boundaries

The German-Polish Eurocity Görlitz/Zgorzelec is set to receive a cross-border, climate-neutral district heating supply. Veolia, in conjunction with Stadtwerke Görlitz, plays a significant role in this project.

Big goals require strong partners: The cities of Görlitz and Zgorzelec aim to become climate-neutral by 2030 with a joint district heating supply. In this endeavor, they can rely on Stadtwerke Görlitz and the concentrated sustainability expertise of the Veolia Group.

The background of the municipal climate protection initiative is the European Green Deal, a billion-dollar investment and action package by the European Commission. The goal: By 2050, Europe should become the first fully climate-neutral continent. Naturally, this can only be achieved collectively, across national borders.

The European city of Görlitz/Zgorzelec is located in the center of the historic coal and industrial belt from Zwickau to Katowice and, with the planned coal phase-out, is facing extensive changes. The first step: In July 2020, the mayors of both cities signed a letter of intent for the project "Climate Neutral District Heating for the European City".


Contemporary District Heating Production

The key partner for the implementation of this vision is Stadtwerke Görlitz, part of the Veolia Group: By 2030, district heating supply of Görlitz and Zgorzelec is to be climate-neutral.

Currently, the German and Polish district heating suppliers are working hand in hand to develop a new joint production strategy using renewable energies. A unique feature of this project is undoubtedly the planned construction of a joint biomass heating plant in Zgorzelec, which in the future will not only cover the heat demand of the Polish border town, but also supply the German district heating area of Görlitz-Königshufen via a cross-border district heating pipeline.


Sustainable Role Model

It is a win-win situation for all involved - and the climate: Increased efficiency and quality of life through reduced CO2 emissions, with initial estimates suggesting a savings potential of around 75,000 tons per year. Thus, the European city of Görlitz/Zgorzelec can continue to grow together and, with the help of Veolia, make a substantial contribution to climate protection in Europe - a Big Green Deal that sets a precedent on the path to a CO2-free energy supply.

in stages
The initiatives outlined in the declaration of intent until 2030:



By 2022: Modernization of the Heat Generation Plant in Zgorzelec/Grozowa.
• Old coal boilers are being reduced in performance or phased out.
• Use of natural gas cogeneration plants as transition technology.



From 2023 to 2030: Consolidation of the district heating network and expansion of renewable energies.

• Construction of the 2.5 kilometer long connecting pipeline between the supply areas of Zgorzelec and Görlitz-Königshufen.
•  Integration of the Görlitz sewage treatment plant for direct use of waste heat or solar thermal energy.
• Complete conversion of the heating plant in Zgorzelec to biomass.
• Conversion of the remaining district heating areas in Görlitz to renewable energies.


United Heat Görlitz


Sascha Caron
Stadtwerke Görlitz