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Our eighth U-START campaign was organized in partnership with Thüga, the largest municipal utility service provider in Germany. Together, we are service providers of over 100 municipal utilities (“Stadtwerke”) in Germany and partners of BS Energy, the municipal utility of Brunswick. We are responsible for the management and maintenance of the current city infrastructures and networks (gas, electricity, heat, water) as well as the development and planning of future city infrastructures and grids (IoT, LoRaWAN, local digital networks such as fibre optics, public WLAN, charging infrastructure for e-mobility, energy storing systems and cooling networks and systems). Our aim is to foster long-term cooperation with innovative startups that develop new digital solutions and business models for municipal energy grids and infrastructures.


Applications are now closed, but you may read on to learn more about our last campaign and understand how U-START works. More information can be found on our website about innovation by Veolia.

Feel free to check this page regularly for new calls!

Key Topics for this Edition:

- Inovative solutions to develop and maintain digitalinfrastructures

and networks in cities -

- Innovative digital services based on municipal infrastructures as listed above targeting end consumers (B2C) but also organisations (B2B) such as real estate, commerce and manufacturing, city and administration -

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 Who is eligible?

SunCrafter- Vertreter im Gespräch mit Veolia Mitarbeitern.

We are looking for entrepreneurs, innovators and companies with a venture at an early stage of its development that can serve as the basis for a viable new business. Entrepreneurs should be full-time on their venture. Participants can commit to relocate key staff to the Veolia office in Berlin or Braunschweig during the program’s duration.

Six good reasons to join the U-START program

#globalplayer: Team up with the world leader in resource efficiency and the biggest municipal service provider in Germany
#projectfunding: Benefit from up to 100,000 € to test your solution 
#collaboration: Develop your project in a co-creation mode with our experts.
#testing: Test your solution on one of our 100 Stadtwerke (municipal utilities) in Germany.
#scaleup: Deploy your solution on the German market with our commercial teams.
#market: Accelerate access to global market through Veolia network

We are looking forward to hearing about your ideas!




Events & Dates

  • October 7th - November 24th, 2019: Application phase
  • December 2019: Internal evaluation of all applications 
  • Mid-December 2019: First feedback on your application - we will let you know if you are eligible for the next round
  • January 2020: Startup Village - selected applicants present their solutions in front of experts from Veolia, Thüga and BS|Energy in Brunswick.
  • February – March 2020: Second selection round after the Startup Village - in case you get chosen, you will elaborate a concrete joint innovation project with mentors from Veolia, Thüga and BS|Energy.
  • April 2020: Final pitch with top management representatives from Veolia, Thüga and BS|Energy - winners will be announced!


For more information about innovation by veolia, click here. If you have any questions regarding

the U-START programme in general,  feel free to contact us per e-mail: [email protected].