U-START - Startup program by Veolia

Veolia Germany initiated the U-START program in order to foster the cooperation with innovative startups in the fields of circular economy, climate protection and resource efficiency, and to reduce the time to enter the market with new concepts for a better world.

Veolia is dedicated to help your startup growing, giving you the opportunity to engage directly in a co-innovation partnership with the company. Depending on your individual needs and level of maturity we provide you different up-scaling opportunities: prototyping, testing facilities for your proof of concept, co-creation projects, access to our distribution channels etc.

  • From idea to success story

    From idea to success story

  • U-START - an initiative by Veolia Germany

    U-START - an initiative by Veolia Germany

  • Networking with our innovative startups

    Networking with our innovative startups


Rethink Industry! Veolia and InnoEnergy start their new campaign in 2018 under the heading services for industries. Startups can apply from the 05th of February to the 13th of April.

Our fifth U-START campaign is organized in partnership with InnoEnergy, the biggest European accelerator for sustainable energy, with already more than 160 ventures in its portfolio. Following the devise “decarbonisation of industry services”, we address startups proposing business ideas in the field of innovative services for industries, especially B2B solutions for industrial sites, SMEs and industrial parks.

 We are looking for sustainable ideas in the following fields:

  1. Value from data: predictive maintenance, operational excellence and performance, workforce management
  2. Decentral energy solution: energy storage, valorisation of residuals, micro incineration, heat recovery
  3. Solutions for complex industrial processes: industrial symbiosis, optimization & simulation, health & safety solutions

For further information and the answer on how to apply, please click here.

Five good #reasons to join the U-START program

#globalplayer: Team up with the world leader in energy and resource efficiency services for municipalities & industries.

#collaboration: Develop your project in a co-creation mode with our experts.

#testing: Test your solution on one of our > 200 industrial sites in Germany.

#scaleup: Deploy your solution on the German market with our commercial teams.

#market: Accelerate access to global market through Veolia network.

Our campaigns

5. Call U-START
5th campaign is running until the 13th of April
See our former energy campaign with InnoEnergy from 2017

What is U-START about?


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