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In the face of the climate and sustainability challenges facing the construction industry, the use of recycled plastics is becoming increasingly important. This is where PlastiLoop comes in.
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Recycled plastics in the construction sector

The use of recycled plastics in a wide range of applications has never been such an interesting solution in the construction sector. The sector is the second highest consumer of plastics after packaging. At Veolia, we have been working with the construction industry for decades, providing the first recycled plastic solutions and establishing privileged and long-term partnerships with customers. Today, we support the industry in moving upmarket and offer circular polymers for ever more demanding applications. Our product range covers many applications. Let's develop together the grade that will meet your needs.

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We provide an extensive range of products for many applications in the building sector. 

PP, HDPE, LDPE, we control the raw materials used in our process and use our formulation expertise to provide you with the recycled resin with the required properties.

410 – Membranes & casing

LDPE or HDPE customisable pipes and profiles are durable and resistant. Available with high fluidity for specific corrugated pipes and in light colours.

420 – Membranes & casing

PP, LDPE and HDPE products are designed for dimpled sheets, casings and insulation tubes featuring high resistance and durability with a customisable MFI.

430 – Water management

Black PP compound with great stability and durability to stand the test of time.

440 – Spacers

The PP and HDPE products present resistance to shock and heavy-duty as well as high versatility. PP can be reinforced with fibreglass for higher strength.

Our network of experts is available for you worldwide. Ask for a contact!

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Our experts network

More than ever, plastic recycling is a crucial to achieve for circular economy. All over the world, our network of experts take up the challenge day after day

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