Plastic recyclates

Raw materials for the plastics industry

High-quality raw materials

We provide high-quality plastic recyclates as an input material for industry. At our recycling plants we only process pre-sorted waste plastics that fulfill strict quality criteria. Our customers receive top-quality recyclates for their production process – and the ecological advantages of a recycled raw material.

Plastic recyclates for every need

  • We supply plastic recyclates as an input material for manufacturing in line with customer-specific needs.
  • We produce food-grade recyclates with consistent high quality thanks to continuous monitoring during the production process. 
  • We provide plastics suitable for applications in a wide variety of sectors, including automotive, construction, household appliances, agriculture, logistics, textiles, and commercial packaging.


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PlastiLoop – Multinational expertise in recyclates, compounds, and regrinds

Plastiloop Grafik

PlastiLoop is an innovative solution that reduces the environmental impact of plastics – yet without compromising quality.

Veolia produces a unique range of plastic materials and grades – including recyclates, compounds, and regrinds – at 40 sites in 14 countries worldwide. This enables us to best meet the diverse needs of our customers. PlastiLoop reduces CO2 emissions by up to 70% and water consumption by up to 80%.

Our plastic recyclates are thus an environmentally friendly alternative to virgin plastic and efficient solution for conserving natural resources.


PlastiLoop Grafik Englisch
  • Automotive: interior components, exterior/protection, exterior/aids, “under the hood,” etc.
  • Building and Construction: pipes & profiles, water management, membranes & casings, spacers, etc.
  • Home & Appliances: kitchen appliances, electronics, household products, etc.
  • Industrial & Logistics: crates & boxes, buckets, pallets and materials handling, packaging, garbage cans, barrels, etc.
  • Agriculture: landscaping products, pipes, etc
  • Textilesindustrial fibers, fine denier fibers, heavy denier fibers, custom fibers, functional fibers, etc.
  • Packagingthin-walled containers, tubes, plates & trays, bags, PET bottles, sacks, films, fasteners, etc.


A comprehensive range of recycled plastics 

The wide-ranging global expertise of the Veolia Group is the secret behind PlastiLoop. An international network of experts and production capacities united under a common roof, PlastiLoop is advancing the circular economy in diverse areas of industry. 

Our product range is currently the world’s most comprehensive in the domain of recycled plastics. And it continues to grow as we innovate in the quest to best serve the application-specific needs of our customers. From PET flakes and HDPE regrinds to HDPE compounds, Veolia can provide single-variety recyclates for your production needs, enabling you to meet EU-wide sustainability targets. 

Our integrated management system defines roles and processes with regard to all relevant environmental criteria, quality parameters, and energy management activities. Our revolving planning system ensures the effective control and monitoring of all technical and organizational activities that have an impact on the environment and on the quality of our products and services. The individual modules that make up this system are tested and certified by independent experts.

Design for Recycling

We use our expertise in plastics recycling to advise packaging manufacturers on the recyclability of their packaging. The use of recyclates in the manufacture of plastics is a decisive social criterion over and above its ecological usefulness. Retailers could follow the customer trend and positively differentiate themselves with recyclable packaging.

Design for Recycling Grafik Englisch

Draw on our expertise and passion for innovation in domain of sustainable packaging. With CIRCPACK® by Veolia, your packaging becomes recyclable and truly eco-friendly.

Recyclability of packaging

Learn how packaging should be designed with recyclability in mind.


Licensing packaging

Licensing of sales packaging.

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