Norrköping, Sweden

Veolia PET Svenska AB

Veolia PET Svenska AB is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Veolia PET Germany GmbH and, thanks to its many years of experience, is one of the market leaders in all segments of PET recycling in Europe. As part of the Veolia Umweltservice Group, the world market leader for environmental services, our aim is to constantly develop innovative solutions such as bottle-to-bottle recycling to improve the condition of the environment and people’s quality of life. 

Veolia PET Svenska AB
Hanholmsvägen 67
SE-60238 Norrköping
Tel.: +46 (0) 11 190486
Fax: +46 (0) 11 107700



Our products

We produce high-quality PET recyclate in the form of granulated flakes. This material recovered from PET bottles is, for example, suitable for the production of drinks bottles and films that come into direct contact with food, for example.



Further information

The input material is supplied by the Swedish collection organisation AB Svenska Returpack, which has its central PET sorting plant in the immediate vicinity of our site.



Other locations

Frauenfeld (Switzerland)


Fetsund (Norway)

Veolia PET Norge AS




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