Fetsund, Norway

Veolia PET Norge AS

The recycling plant in Fetsund, 30 kilometres north-east of the capital Oslo, has an annual capacity of over 20,000 tonnes of washed flake recyclate and handles over 80% of all deposit bottles returned in Norway. From this, about 13,000 tons of ‘food-grade’ granules can be produced per year. The pre-sorting is carried out in the immediate vicinity by our partner Infinitum on the Heia site.

Veolia PET Norge AS
Heiasvingen 61
NO - 1900 Fetsund
Tel.: +47 994 91 113

Our products

We produce high-quality PET recyclate in the form of granulated flakes. This material recovered from PET bottles is, for example, suitable for the production of drinks bottles and films that come into direct contact with food, for example.


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The recycling process takes about eight hours, of which six hours are used to heat-treat the granulate so that it meets approved food standards. The material is hot-washed in water with lye. The subsequent heat treatment takes place in a nitrogen reactor at a high temperature (otherwise the material would react with oxygen and turn yellow).



In 2020, more than 585 million plastic bottles were included in the deposit return system in Norway, which corresponds to 92% of the bottles sold and licensed by the Norwegian deposit system Infinitum.



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